IRCd server for VolimNet chat network is based on UnrealIRCd and modules.
Support files are based on Eggdrop,
VolimNet chat network changed name to irc.in.rs. Project and software still have old name.


Increased security
Increased usability
Automated build for POSIX
Half automated build for Windows


IRCd server for VolimNet chat network is not too much different from UnrealIRCd. If you have any problem, first determine if problem is in UnrealIRCd itself. If it is, submit bug to UnrealIRCd Bug Tracker, please. If problem is with IRCd server for VolimNet chat network features, reproduce bug first, preferably on an CentOS installation and report bug. If that is not possible, prepare virtual machine with bug preferably for VirtualBox, put it on some file server on Internet and report bug, please.

Increased security

Security is increased mainly by modules and patches which make server more resilient to penetration attempts.

Increased usability

Usability is increased by modules adding convenient features for users, operators and administrators.

Automated build for POSIX

Automated build is done by scripts. There are two versions of scripts:
Static build – old fashioned way, but it guarantees that software will be built using exact versions of libraries. This is default way, can give more security even on some unpatched servers but recompiling of some libraries must be followed by recompiling of software also.
Shared build – it uses shared system libraries only. Use this only if you are sure your server has supported versions of libraries.
Both versions come in two subversions:
One small script which will download the rest of scripts, sources, modules and patches.
One big archive containing all scripts, modules and patches.
Beta versions will be from 1 to 9. Production versions will be from 10.

Half automated build for Windows

Half automated build is done by using Cygwin and make process is done as described at UnrealIRCd win32 development page.
First public version is planned around time of version 11 for POSIX.


Download files from Files section of project page.

Support files

Eggdrop will be used as pseudo server and with scripts it will enforce additional antiflood and antispam policies.

New features

Request new features at Tracker section of project page.

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IRCd server for VolimNet chat network: Project Web Hosting - Open Source Software

IRCd server for VolimNet chat network


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